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Una no dey spray DJ money?? 🙄🙄...

Last weekend, I attended this magnificent wedding with the mc at the heart of Lekki.

The wedding was a classic one; from the decor to the lavishly dressed guests, to the food and drinks...wow.

They also had a live band and a DJ that took turns to play when they were called upon.

Now, there was also an after party where I worked closely with the Mc for games and crowd engagement.

The live band was getting recognitions and guests were spraying them, the mc I worked with was also not left out but the DJ booth had almost no guest coming to spray him. I noticed that when it was his turn to play, he did more of cajoling and begging than actually playing...

Imagine you dancing to machala or buga and mid way dj will pause to ask 'una no dey spray dj money for here' 😄😄 (morale in the mud)

I learnt something that day, when doing something, give it your best. The life band were focused on playing and doing their job and they got the recognition they deserved.

Let people see you in action, let them enjoy your services, they would definitely come back to appreciate you.

Who no like better thing? 😄

Have you experienced something like this before? How did you feel? Share with us😃😃